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sd_larp's Journal

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announcement/and other stuff community for San Diego Larps. This includes any and all Larps, not just WW based ones.

Removed the Larpers I added, if your interested in watching whats going on them please re-join.
anarchs, anything gothic, apocalypse, ascension, assamite, autarkis, bastet, black furies, black spiral dancers, bone gnawers, brujah, camarilla, changeling, changeling: the dreaming, children of gaia, corax, cruxshadows, cult of ecstasy, death, disciplines, dracula, dreamspeakers, euthanatos, fianna, followers of set, freeform, gamers, gaming, gangrel, garou, get of fenris, giovanni, glass walkers, gothic horror, guardians of order, gurahl, horror, hunter, hunter: the reckoning, improvisational theatre, inconnu, iteration x, justicar, kindred, kindred of the east, kuei-jin, larp, larpa, larpers, larping, larps, lasombra, lestat, live action, live action role playing, live action roleplay, live action roleplaying, live-action roleplaying, lrp, lrping, lrps, mage, mage: the ascension, mage: the sorcerers crusade, makeup, masquerade, met, mind's eye theater, mind's eye theather, mind's eye theatre, minds eye theatre, mummy: the resurrection, nagah, nosferatu, nuwisha, oblivion, occasional gaming, occasional roleplaying, order of hermes, pentex, ratkin, ravnos, red talons, renegades, rock-paper-scissors, rokea, role playing, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplay, roleplayers, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rp, rpers, rpg, rpgs, rping, rps, sabbat, shadow lords, short stories, shows, silent striders, silver fangs, sons of ether, stargazers, technocracy, tenchi muyo, the camarilla, the shining host, theatre, toreador, tremere, trinity, tzimisce, ukenta, umbra, undead, vampire, vampire larp, vampire larps, vampire: the dark ages, vampire: the masquerade, vampires, vampyre, ventrue, verbena, virtual adepts, vlarp, weaver, wendigo, werewolf, werewolf: the apocalypse, werewolf: the wild west, white wolf, wod, world of darkness, wraith, wraith: the oblivion, writing, wyld, wyrm