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Reign of the Rose ~ Changeling: The Dreaming LARP

The County of Balboa has settled into a time of peace and prosperity under the reign of Count Devyn Mayfair Ap Leanhaun. However, the forces of nightmare still sleep beneath the gilded freehold halls and cold concrete streets of San Diego. Brave Knights patrol trods still plagued with fell beasts, and adventurous motleys quest for the dream tumblers in hopes of being the first to restore the Key of Lost Dreams. Meanwhile, intrigue and romance blossoms at court under the shadow of the Devyn’s throne. The Dreaming is alive in San Diego, and the game of thrones continues. Cantrip, seduction, and cunning are the weapons. Liege, lord, and vassals are the pieces. What role shall you play, during the Reign of the Rose…

Reign of the Rose is a San Diego based Shining Host Chronicle, based in the world of White Wolf’s Changeling the Dreaming. We play every Third and Fifth Saturday of the month in the Butterfly Garden of Balboa Park. To contact the Storytelling staff please email us at Keichiokami@yahoo.com.

Official Website: http://reignoftherose.wordpress.com/

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