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Throne of Seasons Month

High King David is gone. The Parliament of Dreams is in indefinite recess and war tears across the the Kingdoms of Concordia . The Kingdom of Pacifica has always been a place of progressive thought and freedom. Queen Aeron kept an "open court" where all are welcome. This caused Pacifica to fall into chaos and anarchy as the Second Accordance War spilled across its borders. However, tragedy struck and a Fomorian plot was uncovered. The Courts of Summer and Winter have now joined hands to banish Old Enemies back to the Darkness. Winter brings with it night, but still the kithian hold starlight dreams in their hearts. A Duchy at war is now at peace, and The Queen's Own openly serve the intrests of the Dual Queens and protect Pacifica's citzens from the legions of nightmare. The County of Balboa is the shining jeweled center of the newly formed Duchy of Starlit Waters. At its heart rest The Throne of Seasons, an ancient relic that grants its bearer control over the Trods of Balboa. As a Regent sits upon it, the 14 noble Houses compete for the Throne's favor. While the mysterious House Danaan, ruling House of Arcadia, returns to face the Fomorian threat. Pawn, Schemer, Hero, or Lackey, what role shall you play in the game of the throne of seasons?

May is Officially Throne of Seasons Month! Three Events will be taking place this month to honor and celebrate Beltane, the passing of power from the Unseelie to the Seelie court of the fae for the light half of the year.

May 3rd, The Beltane Celebration.
Wear your finest costume and come for an evening of courtly intrigue and for some brave adventures, a journey to a distant kingdom in the Realms of the Fantastic.

May 17th The Contest for the Throne of Seasons: Ordeal of Speeches.

The Lords and Ladies of The Outer Baronies will be presenting speeches as to why they are the best candidate for the Countship, and regency for the Throne of Seasons. Presiding shall be Her Grace Duchess Alicia Ni Ailil, His Grace Duke Vogon Ap Ailil and his Royal Highness Prince Joseph Silveroak Ap Liam.

May 31st A Night of Adventure.
For all who are not going to be attending SCA May War in Potreo, a gathering of heroes will be embarking on quest in The Dreaming. A Wyld Hunt to herald the coming of Summer.

Hope those of you who can will be attendance.
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