misnomer (princeom) wrote in sd_larp,

Welcome to Ravenloft

UCSD is hosting a ravenloft LARP in the kind and peaceful city of St. Ronges. We need members of our town to just play people going about there daily lives in the happy world of RAVENLOFT th gothic horror world of darkness. The Yahoo group has all the information you need to know to create a character just sign up for the group. It will be lots of fun we promise and the system is simple and amazing. The game plays one Saturday a month from 7-10pm starting Saturday October 14th. We hope to see anyone there who wishes to enter the mists. W

Website: groups.yahoo.com/groups/ravenloftsd

visit and pick a role of one of the townspeople and have fun. Please send your questions to RavenloftSD@gmail.com and we'll answer them shortly.
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